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Stephan&Stefan: We got to know each other through our activities in the crypto currency sector and decided to combine the old with the new. On the new trading platform DealShaker of Onelife we make it possible to buy Onecoin products with the crypto currency, which we purchase from various companies.

The customer in the center

What is important to us is you. We try to offer you the best possible service in the realization of your object of desire! From yachts over cars up to the most different industries we will constantly extend our offer.

About DealShaker

The DealShaker from Onelife is both an advertising and a trading platform on which traders can do business with traders or end consumers. These are carried out 100% with Onecoins!


Our priority is to build on teamwork. Not only internally, but also between us and the companies we work with. Because only together can we guarantee the best for our customers.

Stephan Gruber

Managing Director

Stephan Gruber





Tel.: +43(0) 676 722 84 77



Legal department

Mag. Hermann Stenitzer



Mag. Hermann Stenitzer-Preininger 


Raubergasse 27/1

8010 Graz



Tel.: +43 (0) 316 82 87 48


Stefan Wetzelberger

Managing Director

Stefan Wetzelberger





Tel.: +43(0) 664 427 34 36


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